We are an Italian company who has been dealing with import export activities for more than thirty years, developing a large experience and knowledge in European, South America and Asian markets.
Besides Italy, in order to be present in all the territories where we are located and to ensure to our customers the best possible service, we have expanded also in China (Guangzhou and Suzhou), in Hong Kong, in Panama and in Colombia.

We strongly believe that the relationship with the client is something essential and we take care of it through a well-prepared and qualified team, both at technical and organisational level. To whom choose Soceve, we offer a solid help and assistance for the whole manufacturing process and after-sales.

Our aim is to be an added value for our customers and make them feel in safe hands. This is why, we are always updated on regulations, products, service and we currently talk five languages: Italian, Spanish, English, French and Chinese.


  • 1989

    Entrepreneur Daniele Dall'Est founded Soceve and began exporting high-end thermohydraulic products, specifically resistances and thermostats, from Italy to Venezuela. The company, named literally foreign trade company Venezuela: SOCEVE.
  • 1990

    Soceve had expanded its product range and knowledge to specialize in hardware and hydraulic products, including car accessories, copper floats, resistances for water heaters and water pumps.
  • 1992

    The market demanded products with a lower cost due to changing needs. China emerged as a major player, rendering some Made in Italy products too expensive for the South American market.
  • 1995

    A first branch was opened in Ningbo to manage the expanded product range, adding items for the agriculture, hardware, gardening, and outdoor furniture sectors to those already present.
  • 1999

    The Ningbo branch moved to Suzhou opening the first official company in China: SUZHOU CENTRESS INTERNATIONAL LTD. From there on, the firm manages the purchases on Chinese territory and maintains strong production control on behalf of the clients.
  • 2001

    It was established CENTRESS INTERNATIONAL HONG KONG LTD to coordinate the existing companies.
  • 2003

    It was founded GUANGZHOU CENTRESS CO. LTD to oversee a new production area in China and a different category of goods. The company specializes in sinks, sink molds, instant electric water heaters, gas water heaters and heat exchangers.
  • 2004

    The brand NORWIK POWER was established to produce diesel and gasoline engines, water pumps, generators, pressure washers and water pumps. The company offers two sales lines: one for custom projects: SOCEVE and another one for standard products: NORWIK POWER.
  • 2007

    Each companies began to specialize in specific areas, with Soceve managing sales and customer relations as a fully-fledged commercial office and the Chinese locations handling purchasing and production within the Chinese territory.
  • 2010

    Soceve significantly strengthened its ability to meet customer demands and industrialize requested products, thanks to the accumulated experience and the development of new, cutting-edge products. The company delivers the finished product to the customers with complete confidence in ITS ability to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
  • 2016

    CENTRESS PANAMA was opened to establish a stronger and more consistent presence in the Central and South American market. The Panama warehouse manages limited quantities and provides immediate delivery of Norwik Power products, reaching all of Central and South America within a week.
  • 2017

    The second generation of the Dall'Est family has joined the company, guaranteeing the continuity and stability of the family business.
  • 2020

    Soceve's headquarters were successfully expanded and relocated to Via Enrico Fermi, 14/E3 – ASOLO.
  • 2022

    Soceve has acquired over 300 clients across three continents: Europe, America, and Asia.
  • 2024

    Soceve continued to expand its team by hiring new foreign salespeople to open up African and Middle Eastern markets, as well as to strengthen its client portfolio in existing markets.

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